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"You don't have to worry about him. He is dead." The Costumed unicorn pointed to himself before he took the bottle, inspecting it. "I am his successor..."

"Oh he died? I’m sorry to hear that. He and I didn’t ever get along but I never wished him any harm. So, what do I call you? And yes the bottle is for you. Just don’t drink it in public."

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He wished he had more wine to drink. "Tell me, do you remember him? A dragon. An orange dragon, who would constantly harass and shout at you, called you Sun Hag? Incredibly stupid?"

She giggled a bit. “How could I forget? Why?” She asks as the teleports a new bottle up from the confiscated goods room and hands it over as a thank you for letting her have the last of his.

Sorry. just some bad memories. *gently rubs along the bones in cadences wings*

Cadance smiles and sighs happily.

Celestia: “Something happen to you there?”



The sky is blue

You don’t say…




The sky is blue

You don’t say…

Saddle Arabia... *looks a bit forlorn.*

Celestia: “What’s wrong?”

He explained. "That you are uncomfortable with all the genuflection and adoration that your subjects constantly lavish on you. That you find events like... the grand galloping Gala to be dreadfully boring and prefer more casual reunions. I call you Sun Goddess out of respect. Certainly better than calling you Sun Hag, is it not?"

"I would say so." She nods. "Although Sun Butt has almost started to grow on me I’ve heard it so much…"

-lack pumps some magic in to it, and shows her an image of a book of a Stalliongrad story Sister Fox & Brother Wolf.- As you can see when it's powered by magic you can many things hold books, music, info, and even send voice...wait Changling hive? When did that happen?

"What an interesting device~ Oh but the hive? It’s a pet project I’ve been working on for some time. I guess you missed my press conference? Please don’t hurt them. I’ve extended them equal rights. They are pretty well behaved so they shouldn’t give you much trouble. How much of the cave do you need?"

*massages Cadences wings*. So, where have you been Celestia?

Celestia: “Well there was Saddle Arabia, then a short stop through the mirror that leads to the human copy of our world… a quick trip to the kingdom of the Breezies while that portal was still open, the Gallopinghost Islands, and finally Trottingham. Lots of diplomatic work.”

The costumed unicorn chucked. "So, you are as modest as they say."

"Am I? What do they say?"

*gently comforts Cadence.*. I'm sorry princess Cadence.

Cadance nods. “Thanks. But you shouldn’t worry about it. It’s my problem. I’m just taking time away from the Crystal Empire to work it out.”

Just some research on proxys

Luna: “Ah. Tell me what you have learned while we head to her chambers.” She gets up and walks at your side.

Hey mom Can I use the crystal cavern under cantorlot as a for a magical version of a Tesla Coil, for a this -Lack poofs in what looks like a normal round mirror- It's it cool?

"Umm… You know there’s a changeling hive down there, right? Can you just use a part of the cave? I don’t mind as long as you don’t fry all the changelings while you’re doing it. Although I do wonder just what that is and why you need a Tesla Coil for it?"