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I'm actually just sightseeing at the moment and living in an ice dome near Ponyville.

"Well my castle has been converted into a home for ponies like yourself who have lost their home universe. If you need a place to stay our doors are open."

no just don’t like thinking about Kaguya’s atrocities

"I understand. I’m sorry I brought it up. I won’t again. Are you taking up residents here in the castle now by chance?"

Twilight took a step in surprise before sneering. "And she TALKS too." Then she laughed. Hard. "Tell me, what is she being punished for?"

Celestia: “Being rude to my guests, rigging turrets to shoot at visitors, running unethical tests… She seems to have had a relapse lately.”

my big brother happened *eye twitching*

Celestia pulls up a couch by magic. “Do you need to sit down dear? You look distressed.”

it was

"Was?" Celestia frowns slightly. "Did something happen to it?"

Twilight's face scrunched in disgust. "SHE looks absolutely hideous."

GLaDOS: “Should I look like you? Look at me, boy do I look sweating. Let’s all eat grass and leaves and excrete them later and go shopping.”

Celestia: “GLaDOS you are just adding more time to your potato punishment.”

Twilight pointed at that potato skewered on the alicorn's horn, her face scrunched in disgust. "What is that THING on your horn?"

Celestia: “That’s GLaDOS, my royal advisor. She’s in time out right now so I have her in her potato.”

No I'm not an Elk.. *I laugh* our culture is a mix of Greek, Latin, and Japanese

"Oh how lovely~ I’m sure it must be quite the interesting culture with such colorful mixes~"

Oh, I thought it was still Celestia and Glados. I haven't been here in a while... heheheh...

Celestia: “Oh that’s fine we are both still here. Just have a few others around the castle too. So the question was my favorite thing? Umm… Can I pick cake?”

GLaDOS: “Testing. Would you like to test?”

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What is your favorite thing? Answer, both of you.

Celestia: “Both of us? Which of us does he mean?”

Luna: “Both indicates two, but I count more than two living here in the castle.”

GLaDOS: “Are you even questioning the intelligence of an organic creature? They are incredibly lacking in thought capability.”

Cadance: “GLaDOS! That’s not nice at all…”

I wasn't serious. Besides, the rest has a proper time.

She nods. “Right. Okay I was just making sure. You HAVE been playing around with dark magic after all.” She gave a smile and a wink at that last part.

It's where my kind the Eldra hail from

"Eldra… Another word I’m unsure of. Elkorvia, Eldra…  it sounds like it may come from the Latin alces… but you don’t look like an elk. You don’t look like an elk right?" She starts digging around under her chest plate looking for her glasses.



new dash topic: h.p. lovecraft was a fuckboy


"waeehhhh im a little shit who hates foriengers and octopuses scare me so hard i shit myself wahhhhh look at my chin"

((Actually he had xenophobia. He didn’t hate foreigners, he had an unnatural fear of them. There’s a difference. Like my own telephobia. I don’t hate telephones, I’m just scared to death of them… So get your facts straight before you start talking shit. Some of us are librarians.))